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We rescue and care for Mingi ("cursed") children from the Omo Valley tribal region in Southwest Ethiopia.

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What Is Mingi and Why OMO CHILD?

Mingi is the ritualistic killing of infants and children believed to be cursed by tribes living in the remote Omo Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia. OMO CHILD's mission is to provide a safe, nurturing home and quality education for our rescued Mingi children. Our hope is that these children will become future leaders and change-makers in their tribes and communities. We also raise awareness about the practice of Mingi and work to see it eliminated.

The Crisis In The Omo Valley

There are nine main tribes that occupy the Omo Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia, with a total population of approximately 225,000 tribal peoples. There is very limited outside support for this region, partly due to its extreme remoteness – it is approximately a 7-hour drive to the town of Jinka over rough, pitted roads. There is no written language, and the tribe's currency is cattle and goats. The majority of the people living in the Omo Valley do not have access to clean drinking water or medical care.

In this region called "Africa's Last Frontier" by National Geographic, the tribes live a pastoral lifestyle raising their cattle and practicing flood-recession agriculture. However, fear and superstition still exists in the valley. Some of the tribes believe evil spirits or a "curse" will bring ill fortune (drought, famine, disease and death) to their villages if Mingi children are not killed. Children can be declared Mingi for three reasons, woman mingi, girl mingi, and teeth mingi.

This crisis calls for action. And we are called to save Mingi children with your help.

How To Support Rescued Mingi Children

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What Supporters are Saying
Jacoba Rand
Homeschool Mom Of Four
Meeting Lale and becoming a supporter of the amazing kids at Omo Child has blessed our family. Our children have been challenged to think differently about life, and to value it more.
James and Joan Engelkemier
Monthly Supporters
We knew from the moment we met Lale and heard about the rescued children that we wanted to be a part of this mission. We were thrilled to visit the children last year and are impressed with the quality of the care and education they are receiving.
Help us care for Mingi children today.

Help Us Rescue And Nurture Mingi Children

You can impact the lives of tomorrow's Omo Valley leaders and help end Mingi forever.
"It's the greatest poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
—Mother Theresa