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Construction Starts As School Ends

Another school year draws to a close on the Omo Child campus in Jinka for our 51 rescued Mingi children.  For two of our oldest children, this means graduating from high school and looking forward to university and beyond. 

As part of our strategy for educating the Mingi children, we started Omo Child Primary School in 2020.  Our first year we enrolled over 250 children ages 6-12, 25 of which were children from our home.  Thanks to a generous donor, construction has begun on a third classroom block which will allow us to enroll almost 400 children in the 2021-2022 school year.  This school is an integral part of Omo Child's strategy to become more sustainable, as local families are keen to invest in a quality education for their children.  Ultimately, it will contribute to our ability to rescue and care for more Mingi children.

New Classroom Block Construction At Omo Child Primary School
Foundations are poured for the third classroom block on the Omo Child campus.

In April and May of this year, strong storms damaged part of the fence around our campus.  Repairs are being made to the fence this summer to ensure the safety of our children.  Surrounding tribes do not look favorably on our home, thus the fence is an important part of our property.

A temporary library and dining hall will be built late summer.  The library will give students an opportunity to deepen their learning and give teachers a place to print and copy materials. The library program will focus on building creativity and on communication and analysis skills.  It will also provide opportunities to build proficiency in digital communications and research.  A permanent library will be built as funds become available.

Currently Library Facilities At Omo Child Home
We have outgrown the currently library and computer lab.

Currently teachers go off-campus to have lunch.  On-site temporary dining facilities for 420 students and staff will be completed in October of 2021.  Teachers will then be able to stay on site and eat lunch with the students, which will save time for the teachers and keep the school day on schedule.  A traditional wooden table for buffet-style dining is being built for this space.

Last, but certainly not least, we hope to purchase 1200 books for our 400 students.  We need 15 new bookcases to house these books as well.  We will also purchase 16 computers and printers for students and staff.

We are so grateful for all our supporters who enable us to nurture and educate our children.  Would you consider helping us purchase the 1200 books we need?  Click here to learn more about how you can donate.

Omo Child Mingi Children And Mamas
Some of the children at the Omo Child home in Jinka, Ethiopia pose with some of the mamas and co-founder Gido Labuko
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